This is a blog about code and music by Giles Bowkett. I make beats and hack the planet.

My name rhymes with “files” and has a G like “giraffe,” not like “get.” It’s English, not French.

The blog runs on Jekyll and Sass but is not hosted at Github. It uses the default Minima theme with small customizations. The blog’s font is Armature Neue Sans, from PSY/OPS Type Foundry. It’s arguably not a true sans-serif, but I like it. Code snippets use Inconsolata.


Truth Industries is also a geek knowledge brand. I’ve self-released many books and videos over the years, but so far only one product bears the Truth Industries logo: Modern Front-End Development with Ruby on Rails and Puppies. The book’s currently not on sale — work was interrupted by an injury — but here are a few sample pages.